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About ZOKK Furniture

ZOKK Furniture use traditional woodworking techniques, assembling and finishing the pieces by hand before applying the final gloss. "We like to see evidence of the human touch, rather than a conveyor-belt finish", comments Managing Director Zoran Barbesoski. "Our unique items are all different and are more pleasing to the eye because of their originality," adds Zoran. "They reflect individual characteristics because they are made by people, not machines."

ZOKK Furniture was first established in Melbourne, Australia in 2005.

Zoran completed his apprenticeship in Rorschlach, Switzerland, and has over ten years experience in cabinet making and interior design.

Whilst his background is in the highly regarded school of Swiss and European design, Zoran has mixed these qualities with contemporary Australian style to form a unique new take on furniture design.

And so ZOKK Furniture was formed, and continues to set new standards in high quality bespoke furniture design.

Zoran sanding in the workshop

Above: Zoran in the workshop sanding by hand. This is the final process before the polishing.

ZOKK Furniture supporting VCE Season of Excellence at Melbourne Museum

ZOKK Furniture was honoured to be invited to be a guest speaker at the recent Season of Excellence at Melbourne Museum. The presentation about furniture design and construction contained interesting and valuable insights into the design process: from concept through to finishing and delivery to the customer. Students learnt not only about design but also technical drawing and timber selection.

Zoran at Top Designs, Melbourne Museum

Above: Zoran during the presentation.

Zoran thanks his family, Fredi and Pascal for their ongoing and generous support.

What would you like to see examples of?

We can create anything to your specifications, but these projects give you an idea of what we can create: